What is DBIO?

what is digital business infrastructure operations?

Traditional IT infrastructure and managed services are still relevant. Infrastructure managed services, data centre managed services, cloud managed services… all relevant.

However, traditional IT was not designed to support digital business initiatives and solutions, which are key to survival and staying competitive today. Digital Business Infrastructure Operations (DBIO) does exactly that.

DBIO turns the traditional network and managed services model on its head by directly contributing to business outcomes through your digitally-ready infrastructure. It’s tied to specific digital business outcomes that drive business value.

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Over half of business leaders are already promoting or scaling their digital businesses and expect to change their business model in the next three years.


The other half? Well, they admit that limited IT resources are hampering their digital transformation efforts and many are having to try and find solutions on their own as their current managed service provider is limited in ability.

The good news? DBIO and three6five can turn things around.

how does DBIO work?

It combines digital technologies and their related managed services to ensure real-time delivery of services to your customers.
This approach enables a dynamic business that is always sensing, always thinking, always ready. A business that responds in the moment and that strives for continuous improvement and refinement. It helps you to challenge convention so that you can respond better, innovate faster, and grow quicker.
DBIO involves the management, operations, and continuous optimisation of the infrastructure that supports your digital business solutions.
It moves away from traditional performance metrics and service level agreements, to a model where success is measured in business outcomes – such as reduced customer effort, improved customer experiences, enhanced engagement and interaction, and so forth.

bottom line

If you have or need a digital customer-facing solution or touchpoint, or you’re looking to digitise your business, you need a DBIO partner to help you create, influence, and own the outcome of your business moments.

As one of the first IT systems integrator and managed service providers in South Africa to offer DBIO, three6five can help you deliver significant business moments that enable you to better serve your customers, gain market share, and compete on another level.

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