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traditional to transformational.

With a range of professional services and managed technology solutions, three6five takes you on a continuous journey to digital infrastructure transformation to achieve specific business results.

No matter where you start or what you want to achieve, we can help you transform your current infrastructure operations into a powerful digital environment. One that’s efficient, highly available and secure, and collects data at every digital touchpoint.

Then we show you how to use your data to optimise business performance through faster, more mobile, and more resilient processes.

As one of South Africa’s first Digital Business Infrastructure Operations (DBIO) managed service providers, we’ll help you solve current and future infrastructure operations and management needs through a combination of:


Our people are your people. Tap into our expert skills when you need them, for as long as you need them.


Bridge the gap between past infrastructure investments and future business demands.


Automatically collect, secure, and analyse data across your core, network, and edge operations to drive digital transformation.


Ensure that IT actively contributes to your success by delivering growth and helping to scale digital initiatives across your organisation.


 Execute your digital transformation strategies through infrastructure-led modernisation that seamlessly connects your people, devices, and locations.


Identify what to protect and how to protect it.

Looking for our infrastructure
technology solutions?

Our Digital Infrastructure Managed Solutions include:

Overhaul your entire network operation, or complement it with specific-focus technologies. By outsourcing this to us you’ll gain complete ease of mind around the management of your network. You can focus on your core business without worrying about poor network operational performance. Our end-to-end services include architecture, planning, on-demand provisioning, and infrastructure port management. You also get proactive monitoring, service level reporting and support.

The three6five Service Desk covers call centre management and IT services, with 24/7/365 availability. It’s suitable for all support desk sizes and is extremely scalable to help you expand seamlessly. You can relax in the knowledge that all queries are swiftly being resolved across all your digital initiative. This also creates significant human resource savings – you only pay for the services you use.

Enjoy the best network experience for your business, expertly delivered and supported 24/7/365. We can provide the optimal connectivity for our business requirements – including business-grade fibre and wireless, plus broadband and mobile data solutions (APN).

You have a wide choice of options, depending on your business size and needs. These range from standard DC segmentation to full enterprise Firewall-as-a-Service integrated security models. We partner with you by consulting on a full analysis of your specific needs, analysing things like risk landscape, current security portfolio, scalability and integration.

This provides you with a bespoke firewall solution tailored to your business, with expert support from our cybersecurity team.

We use machine learning and user-based behaviour analysis to give you advanced protection and predictive techniques to thwart malicious attacks. This includes intelligent load balancing and SSL handoff. You’ll get the services of our multi-disciplinary cybersecurity team to implement, protect and manage your environment, including cloud, virtual and physical assets.

We provide the correct technology along with expert implementation and management, from traditional endpoint security protection to advanced detection and response (EDR). Solutions are tailored to your specific business needs. They can be applied to your existing infrastructure and solutions, or you can transition to a new greenfield environment. Protect your assets and enforce stringent control mechanisms to reduce your security risk.

Get next-generation remote access from us and enjoy always-on, secure connectivity that removes the risks of traditional VPNs. This secure remote access solution is the cornerstone of dynamically managing privileged access. It makes continuous dynamic automated assessments and adjustments to create user restrictions or privileges based on each user’s current individual security posture.

You can reduce complexity and costs while gaining enhanced access and security by consolidating your various security and networking functions into a single managed cloud service, using our SASE solutions. This gives you fast and secure cloud transformation, allowing you to benefit from its many advantages. You can scale elastically without sacrificing visibility or overall security.

Our Google Workspace plans combine the consumer collaboration tools like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs and so on, with additional business grade services. These include more cloud data storage, security and administrative controls, interactive meeting features and business-level support.

We work with you to identify inefficiencies and process improvements, and to reduce cost and risk throughout your network landscape. You can get a range of services, from once-off interventions to multi-tiered integrated solutions that allow you to constantly leverage software to improve workflow, reduce support workload and implement multiple service chaining.

Get greater flexibility, visibility and control of your network, while lowering connectivity costs. We can unify your network connectivity and orchestrate application delivery across varied mediums to your branches, data centre or cloud environments. This gives you an all-in-one managed network service so you don’t have to deal with multiple service providers.

We provide a modernised, flexible VoIP solution that maximises the value of your existing PBXs. It’s suitable for any size of business, across any network infrastructure with zero or minimal investment. Porting your numbers to your new VoIP solution is very easy and we can now also port non-geographic numbers (080x, 0860x etc.).

Your people can collaborate on work from virtually anywhere on almost any device, with robust security and continual reliability. You can boost your productivity across all communication methods, from document management to web conferencing. It’s a productivity platform that creates a superior user experience across computers, phones and browsers.

Protect yourself from the increasing number of distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) that can paralyse your web operations. We have the experience gained from working with ISPs to create the right solution to protect your digital assets and ensure application uptime. These solutions can detect malicious content, while allowing legitimate traffic to pass. It’s a fully managed service, chosen in consultation with you, to ensure that it is properly maintained for full effectiveness. 

We offer a secure environment for your mission-critical hardware. This provides high-end security for your most valuable digital assets, while providing access to a wide range of businesses and services through interconnects. You only pay for the space you need, using a “pay as you grow” pricing model. You can access more than 300 networks, to target clients with specialised network requirements, including content, cloud and financial ecosystems. You can swiftly scale your services thanks to coverage in the three major SA business centres.

Take a cloud-first approach and get all the benefits of cloud computing. Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings cover networking, security, storage, backup and disaster recovery. You get a managed Virtual Data Centre, a managed cloud environment and a dedicated hosted hyper-converged infrastructure. There’s also a self-service option so you can manage your own virtual data centre.

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