data solutions

data confidence, from core to edge.

Data is a valuable and complex asset. We’ll help you make sense of all of this, so that you can understand and prioritise what’s important to you and your customers.

Valuable because it helps you to deliver on your business outcomes in the digital age.

Complex because it needs to be:

  • Secured, but instantly available and optimised to help yo make instant, busines-defining decision
  • Stored and backed up, but easily retrievables
  • Monitored and controlled, but free-flowing and accessible.

Digital transformation through infrastructure-led modernisation.

Solid processes, a digitally enabled network, and agile infrastructure not only protect and govern your information, but also ensure that it drives real-time decision-making. Using next-generation networking technologies, you can automatically collect, secure, and analyse data across your core, network, and edge operations.

As your Digital Business Infrastructure Operations (DBIO) partner, three6five helps you to make sense of your data. We identify priorities and understand what’s important to you and your customers. With a 365-degree view (see what we did there?) of how customers interact with your business, you’ll know how to respond positively and impactfully in the moment, to create outstanding brand experiences.

our data services include:

Security and

Monitoring and

and compliance

Analysis and

your data should work for you, whether your transformation journey is on-premise, in the cloud, or a combination thereof.

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