empowering digital communications through moment-driven IT.

From your core network, through the connections of billions of things, to the user experience delivered through your digital touchpoints, infrastructure will make or break efforts to transform your business.

We understand that you’ve already invested in your infrastructure. However, to meet changing user demands, and to be alert to pivotal moments, you need optimised network infrastructure that impacts your ability to respond better, innovate faster and grow quicker.

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At three6five, we help you to identify and seize in-the-moment, business-defining outcomes.

The only way to do this, is with Digital Business Infrastructure Operations (DBIO) solutions.

The result? You escape the confines of a network-centric operating mindset and move towards a user-defined, moment-driven reality.

why us?

Founded by engineers in 2006, three6five understands how to apply digital technologies and how to build and manage digital networks that work best for your business.

We meet your unique demands, rapidly rolling out and supporting dynamic digital environments that let you act with the speed, agility, and resilience needed to spark frequent, intentional moments.

three6five is a proud B-BBEE level 2 contributor.







  • Original consulting company registered


  • Company grows to seven team members
  • three6five begins to offer System Integration services across leading vendor technologies
  • three6five KwaZulu Natal is founded
  • Broadband Engineering team founded


  • three6five Cape Region founded


  • Virtualisation and Storage team is founded


  • three6five Cape Region moves to Century City 199 team members
  • Cyber Security division is launched


  • three6five is one of the first IT system integrators in South Africa to offer DBIO and gets set to become a leader in this space
  • Company officially begins operating, moves into a garage in Kayalami with three team members
  • Network Services team founded
  • WiFi Engineering team founded
  • IP Engineering team founded
  • Advanced IP Solutions and Enhanced Security Solutions teams are founded
  • Projects Office founded
  • three6five KwaZulu Natal moves to Ballito
  • three6five Managed Solutions division launches

staying competitive in the digital age is the key to staying in business.

That’s why we ensure our team continuously knows more so that you can be more. We have invested in our expertise to create, deploy, and manage your digital infrastructure while ensuring you still get the most out of your traditional operations.

Bottom line? Your digital platform should enable you to achieve your business outcomes.

If it doesn’t, we can help you connect the dots.

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