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Business needs and priorities change over time. And they’ll change again. But can your existing systems and infrastructure support more change while driving your business’s growth?

three6five was founded by a team of engineers on a mission to continually find and support new ways to assist our clients’ businesses. We know how to ensure that IT actively contributes to your success by delivering growth and helping scale digital initiatives across your organisation.

that’s why we take bold, result-driven approaches that enable you to respond in the moment and scale on demand.

As one of the first managed services providers in South Africa to offer DBIO to our clients, we are redefining the future of digital technology managed services delivery.

It’s now possible to escape the confines of a network-centric operating mindset and move towards a user-defined reality.


our skilled and certified project managers and engineers can rapidly roll-out and support your dynamic digital environments across tens, hundreds, or thousands of locations.

We’ll support you along your transformation journey and show you how to optimise your infrastructure for better cost efficiency, higher performance, and reliable service.

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