three6five restructures service and product offerings to boost customer options

Aug 11th, 2017: Local systems integrator three6five has finalised a product and service restructuring process that the company believes will offer significant benefits to its customers.

The company now features four service divisions: Professional Network Solutions (PNS), Cloudnet, Systems Integration, and the newly-launched three6five Academy.

“We believe that by carefully positioning our service offerings into these various structures, our customers will find it easier to select which service is best for their needs,” says Mark Baptiste, chief commercial and strategy officer (CSSO) at three6five. “We have noticed trends in the needs of our customers over recent years, and have structured our services accordingly.”

PNS provides skills and services to build new IP networks, and support existing networks. Services include professional and network operating services, advanced infrastructure management, advanced support, and access to the Network Operations Centre.

CloudNet offers a range of on-site or cloud-based network services (Naas) which complement and enhance the performance, versatility, stability and services of an IP network. These include Network Cloud Services (covers virtual services from vCPE, vADC to vSD-WAN); Network Services (availability monitoring, AAA, DNS, TACACS, configuration management and vulnerability assessment); and a suite of Managed Services (voice, Wi-Fi, firewall, Meraki Cloud Managed Networking, SD-WAN, and deception technology).

Systems Integration offers specialist services such as IP Engineering, IP Transformational Services (IPTS), enhanced security solutions, and virtualisation and storage services. “Over the years, three6five has formed alliances with some of the world’s leading technology suppliers,” says Baptiste. “Our engineers are skilled in the implementation and management of these products, ensuring that our customers can rely on our services with confidence, knowing that they are being supplied with the best the industry can offer.”

The newly-launched three6five Academy makes up the fourth pillar and is the company’s educational division, providing quality training to enterprises across Africa. Training is undertaken by technology specialists with years of experience in their respective fields, to bring real-world relevance to the courses. The academy focuses on cybercrime and security; data protection and POPIA, service level management, ICT technology skills, and soft skills tailored for the IT and ICT industries.

“We are excited about this restructure as we are convinced this will benefit new and existing customers, making our offering more streamlined,” says Baptiste.

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