three6five offers free thirty-day trial of Virtual FortiAnalyzer service

20 April 2018 — Local systems integrator three6five is offering customers a free one-month trial of its cloud-based virtual analyser service, using Fortinet’s FortiAnalyzer.

FortiAnalyzer gives organisations critical insight into threats, but also accurately scopes risk across the attack surface, pinpointing where immediate response is required. FortiAnalyzer offers centralised network security logging and reporting for the Fortinet Security Fabric. FortiAnalyzer provides real-time alerts that expedite the discovery, investigation, and response to events even as they’re happening.

“We are so confident in this service offering, that we believe once our customers try it, they will definitely want to sign up for the service on an ongoing basis,” says Tyrone Carroll, CEO of three6five. “The cost savings, in comparison to having on on-premise appliance, are significant, which makes this Opex-based service offering very compelling to businesses of all sizes.”

Lack of visibility continues to extend breach and compromise events to an average of more than 100 days. For each day an organisation is exposed, it’s another opportunity for attackers to get to sensitive customer and confidential information.

With consolidated action-oriented views and deep drill-down capabilities, FortiAnalyzer gives organisations a full view of the threats occurring across the entire attack surface. It also provides real-time threat intelligence and actionable analytics via global IOC feeds check for emerging and recent threats throughout the organisation.

Virtual Analyzer provides real-time alerts that expedite the discovery, investigation, and response to incidents. The service collects and analyses firewall logs, which provides a detailed viewpoint into the security conditions on networks of any size. A user-friendly search experience provides reports on network traffic, threats, network activities and trends across your entire network.

“Customers can contact our sales teams in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town to see if they qualify for the service, and how it can make their businesses more secure,” adds Carroll.

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