three6five business analyst to present at summit

September 11, 2018 – Local systems integrator three6five has announced that one of its business analysts, Jennielee Hofmeester, will be presenting at the Business Analysis Summit, to be held from 1-3 October 2018 at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton, Gauteng.

In the face of unprecedented challenges: globalisation, massive connectivity, disruptive technologies, political and social upheaval, changing consumer behaviour and intense market competition, organisations are being forced to proactively transform and adapt their strategies, governance structures and business models to survive the onslaught, generate value and thrive. The Business Analysis Summit 2018 aims to discover how organisations, in partnership with the Business Analysis profession, can embrace change and transform business to realise value.

Ms Hofmeester will give an overview of where and how business analysts fit within the Internet of Things (IoT) space. This will include an overview of her business analysis experiences in IoT-related projects. Hofmeester will also touch on the types of technologies and tools that she has found to complement the IoT space as a business analyst.

“It in my opinion it’s not only IoT that is a disruptor; it is the business analysts themselves who craft solutions that have not been considered yet,” says Hofmeeser. “That in my mind is true disruption!”

More information about the summit can be found at

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