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Network automation is the process of automating the configuration, management, testing, deployment, and operations of physical and virtual devices within a network. Everyday network tasks and functions are performed automatically. Using a combination of hardware and software-based solutions, organisations can implement network automation to control and manage repetitive processes and improve network service availability. 

Working together, automation and orchestration simplify network operations involving complex configurations and devices’ management while providing business agility to adapt to an ever-changing environment. Automation accomplishes repeatable tasks without human intervention, and orchestration strings together a series of these tasks to accomplish a process or workflow.

three6five’s Availability Monitoring is a core component of any managed network environment and is usually the first responder to critical equipment failures.

vailability Monitoring differs from traditional threshold monitoring systems, in that it is stateful and binary in nature – it produces notifications based on state changes, typically up/down or available/unavailable type of events.

While such tests may seem basic in nature, they can be both highly configurable, and very reliable and accurate in producing timely and effective first-line notifications. The tests are also able to produce escalation notifications to relevant groups of people depending on the severity of the event.

Our solution consists of an industry-standard RADIUS deployment, with a host of additional custom built features to ensure a comprehensive offering, covering a wide variety of requirements. AAA stands for Authentication, Authorization and Accounting.
AAA services are used to provide centralized authentication services to engineers for access to internal network equipment, as well as end user and consumer authentication services for solutions such as Wi-Fi, LTE or broadband ADSL services. AAA is also used in conjunction with VoIP services. 

AAA authenticates end users to determine if they have access to the services being requested and provides authorization information to ensure the user being authenticated gains access only to the services that they are entitled. Accounting data is sorted of all traffic, for reporting and billing purposes and provides the ability to cap user accounts and disconnect or restrict them, based on company policy. 

Automated proactive notifications are sent to our call centre when servers go down or become unavailable to end users. Problems with individual components such as databases are also monitored. three6five will ensure that the operating systems are patched and updated, and that the server resources remain sufficient to provide a quality service. 

Every AAA deployment is integrated into the three6five Mission Control portal. This means you can add, manage and remove users easily and in real time. You can also define business rules, such as caps and bandwidth groups and apply them to users quickly and easily. Mission Control also allows engineers to create hand-crafted advanced configurations for any vendor equipment

This service provides the ability to have the configurations of network devices regularly and automatically backed up and stored off-site. three6five recommends that this service be deployed in the case of business or service critical network devices, where failure will have a negative impact on business, user experience or employee productivity. 

The Configuration Management service provides storing of the configurations off-site and within a version control system as well as a web front-end where entire configurations can be retrieved. three6five can provide Configuration Management as either an on-site or cloud service. 

three6five engineers will not only design and implement a suitable solution for you, but will also manage and monitor every hardware and software component forming part of the solution.

This service is primarily intended to authenticate users on a variety of terminals; these terminals can be routers, switches, firewalls or other hardware. TACACS dates as far back as the early 1980’s, and its extensive continued use in the biggest networks today, is testament to its success in managing user authentication effectively. Tacacs is used if your network has or needs a large number of network devices, a quantity of engineers needing access to these devices, engineers who require access to devices are frequently being added or removed, accountability for engineers’ actions when accessing network equipment and/or login credentials for every user on every device.

The Tacacs service provides basic user authentication, authorization to determine access allowed to a device, logging of every command run on every device by every user. three6five Tacacs can be deployed either on-site or as a cloud service. Generally, the Tacacs server will be deployed on-site within the LAN environment. 

In large, distributed networks, we might need to deploy multiple Tacacs servers, one per site, or even a single, dedicate cloud instance that is accessible to the entire WAN via a VPN or similar network architecture. three6five has also built a web based front-end within our Mission Control portal to allow any network administrator the ability to perform simple day-to-day actions. These actions include adding and removing users, and querying the Tacacs logs via this easy to use portal. 

We will design and implement a suitable solution for you, as well as manage and monitor every hardware and software component of the solution. Automated proactive notifications are sent to our call centre if servers become unavailable. 

Problems with individual components, such as the Tacacs daemon and log rotation, are also monitored. We will also ensure that the operating systems are patched and updated, and that the server resources remain sufficient to provide a quality service.

three6five’s Web Application Load Balancing and Firewalling powers fast, secure delivery of business-critical applications anytime, anywhere, on any device, platform or cloud-based infrastructure.
This offering is unique in a market of legacy vendors, with a modern, best-in-class web application load balancer and firewall this is built for flexibility, performance and virtualisation.

This solution is aimed at enterprises looking for a truly scalable solution that extends beyond wireless LAN to managed Security, Switching, SD WAN, Comms, Mobility Management and Video Surveillance. The Cloud Network Services solution includes high capacity, plug and play WLAN solution managed in the Cloud, security in a box appliance featuring a next-gen firewall, intrusion prevention, cloud-brokered VPN, content filtering, malware protection all available with failover and HA option.

The Bandwidth and Subscriber Management product is aimed at Tier 2/3 ISP’s as well as Enterprises who want to craft a better experience to their customers, but do not need a full featured DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) solution. 

The solution is licensed on a monthly subscription basis. vDPI provides shaping, prioritisation, de-prioritisation, and scheduling as well has extensive real-time and historical reporting via a self-service interface.

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