Network Cloud Services (NCS)

Network Cloud Services (NSC) aim to virtualise network services that are normally carried out by proprietary, dedicated hardware.
The goal of NCS is to uncouple network functions from dedicated hardware devices and allow network services that are carried out by routers, firewalls, local balancers and other dedicated hardware devices to be hosted on virtual machines (VMs). Once the network functions are virtualised, the services that once required dedicated hardware can be delivered on standard X86 servers.
Services offered:
  • Virtual Deep Packet Inspection (vDPI)
  • Virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE)
  • Virtual Application Delivery Controllers (vADC)
  • Virtualised Firewall (vFW)
  • Virtual Software-Defined Wide Area Network (vSD-WAN)
  • Virtual FortiAnalyzer (vFAZ)
  • Meraki Cloud Managed Network
  • Wifi on Demand
  • Virtual Wireless Controller (vWC)

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