Technical Lead / Network Architect

Full Time
Posted 12 months ago

The successful candidate will act as the technical lead to guide engineer teams and allocate resources for projects. They would be responsible for establishing collaboration and communication channels with cross-functional teams that include business users, external business partners, vendors, and cross-regional management for quick issue resolutions. This would also include developing strategies for technical departments, overseeing daily operations, identifying training needs, writing reports, and assessing employee performance. The candidate must have indepth technical knowledge and be able to guide, as well as implement, technical solutions for the business.

Key Requirements:

  • Translate business goals, objectives and requirements into a technical design, gathering business requirements and objectives,
  • Lead 2 teams (possibly 4 in future) of other network designers and engineers in developing detailed designs and quality-control mechanisms during implementation,
  • Produce a blueprint for a complex, large-scale, integrated network, and clearly communicating architecture to stakeholders,
  • Analyze technical needs, requirements, and state of the network’s infrastructure design, integration, and operations,
  • Excellent communication skills. Able to communicate very well both technically and functionally in highly escalated situations. Able to produce audience-appropriate communication with executives, support personnel, and customer personnel in tense, escalated situations
  • Ability to influence and gain cooperative relationships with wide range of audiences ranging from executives to technical specialists
  • Work closely with business management to determine business process and productivity needs and an appropriate technology strategy to support business goals,
  • Work with technical management to architect networks that effectively reflect business needs, service-level and availability requirements, and other technology parameters,
  • Develop design principles, models, plans, internal standards, budgets, and processes based on industry best practices,
  • Establish governing principles for network design and deployment,
  • Participate in selection of networking technologies and products for implementation,
  • Communicate the role and value of the network to the organization and present the business case for technology investments,
  • Continually update understanding of business and technology status and objectives and respond to strategic design requests as the business evolves,
  • Well-developed listening skills. Have the ability to discern core issues in an environment where it may be difficult to determine what is cause and what is a symptom.
  • Good organizational skills. Have the ability to develop a coherent plan of action that meets everyone’s needs to resolve a given situation as quickly as possible.
  • Also able to revise this plan as new data is obtained without appearing that there was no plan.


  • Qualified Cisco CCIE professional certifications. (Essential Requirement)



  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems or computer engineering (Advantageous)


  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience in designing, developing, configuring, and implementing enterprise networks with diverse solutions from multiple vendors. Often, five or more years focused in network design and technical project management.

Soft Skills:

  • Ability to lead and mentor other network designers and engineers.
  • Excellent communication and presentations skills.
  • Good leadership and motivating skills
  • In-depth understanding of business strategy and ability to interact effectively with senior business managers and C-level executives

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