three6five’s Wi-Fi on Demand continues to serve customer’s needs

Specialist solutions provider three6five has continued to see a growing need for its Wi-Fi on Demand service offering.

Wi-Fi on Demand provides the implementation of a wireless network for once-off events, which include sporting events, festivals, music concerts, high profile political rallies or business conferences.

“A recent success was the implementation of Wi-Fi services at the Robertson’s Spices pop up event, held at Melrose Arch,” says Hein Botha, Senior Field Engineer at three6five. “We provided internet access for several thousand users who passed through the event over the course of the actual days.”

three6five can cater for any on-demand Wi-Fi solution, regardless of the duration of the event, via its high capacity Wi-Fi network. The company can provide fast and reliable public internet access and can deliver services for small to very large temporary Wi-Fi network deployments. These networks can accommodate tens of thousands of client devices, providing Wi-Fi for both indoor and outdoor events, even in remote areas. 

three6five provides a full turn-key solution and requires basic information to ensure a complete solution:  event location, event access, and expected turnout. With this information, the company can provide the services such as network and radio frequency planning; network installation commissioning and integration, and radio frequency optimisation for maximum Wi-Fi coverage and throughput. In addition, three6five offers Wi-Fi support and maintenance throughout the course of the event and can provide the backhaul as an option.

“Planning a temporary installation for any live event requires more than just installing outdoor Access Points on existing infrastructure,” says Tyrone Carroll, CEO of three6five. “Different solutions are required for huge stages with large metal infrastructure, outdoor tents, convention centres, arenas, stadiums or small special occasions. From a small indoor event to a massive rock concert, we can provide a tailored solution to fit any event. “

three6five partners with the leading manufacturers for high-density Wi-Fi deployments, which have special features such as Ruckus’ BeamFlex and adaptive antenna technology to maximise signal coverage, throughput, and network capacity.

From a branding and marketing perspective, customer branded event registration pages are provided on the registration landing page via the Wi-Fi network. Other information that can be made available include on-site event information and customer advertising.

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