THREE6FIVE and Snapt Address Infrastructure Security, Scale, and Speed

THREE6FIVE and Snapt’s partnership provides advanced Nova solution for real-time application security, visibility, and control to solve emerging infrastructure challenges for innovative companies.

THREE6FIVE and Snapt, who have been partners for three years under the Snapt Partner Program, are together poised to address the growing challenges in infrastructure security, scale, and speed. With the average cost of a data breach reaching $3.86 million in 2020, and the total cost of cybercrime estimated to hit $10.5 trillion by 2025, it has never been more important for organizations to protect and de-risk their infrastructure.

“THREE6FIVE and Snapt make great partners and we couldn’t be more excited about our continued collaboration,” said Adam White, CTO, THREE6FIVE. “Nova, Snapt’s next-generation cloud-based ADC takes a very different approach to load balancing and security. The centralized control, the automated deployment, scaling, and security, and the agnostic approach to the broad array of clouds and platforms our community is using makes Nova very agile and freeing, which is vital to our customers.”

Snapt’s partnership with THREE6FIVE is built on a shared vision of enabling agility, real-time response, and business success for our customers. With Nova version 2 now available, it is easier than ever for THREE6FIVE’s community to benefit from real-time security, visibility, and control, in even the largest and most complex multi-cloud and multi-platform deployments.

“We are pleased to have THREE6FIVE as one of our partners,” said Doug Cherry, Co-CEO, Snapt. “Our shared goals and philosophies make us natural partners, and we look forward to working with THREE6FIVE and their community of customers as they continue to embrace the most advanced technology to tackle the growing challenges of security, resilience, scale, and agility”.

Snapt, the pioneering application security, visibility, and control company, and THREE6FIVE today announced the availability of Nova version 2 to THREE6FIVE’s customers. Nova version 2 is the latest evolution of Snapt’s next-generation cloud-based ADC for modern applications, including load balancer, WAF, GSLB, and web accelerator. Nova is a hyperscale-ready, centralized platform for deploying, controlling, and monitoring ADCs at scale. Nova allows users to deploy ADC services from a central controller into any cloud, container, or virtual machine.

For Nova version 2, Snapt overhauled the user experience to improve the security capabilities and to provide users with more of the information they need, quicker and easier. Users can set up their web application firewalls (WAFs) centrally to share configuration and stay in sync, or to have unique configurations to account for variations in requirements, geographies, and compliance rules. Nova provides detailed information about blocked threats, including the block location and time, user details, and threat description. Developers, DevOps, and IT professionals can easily integrate Nova into their workflow, to monitor and control their application security and performance – even in large and complex networks.

THREE6FIVE and Snapt together enable advanced predictive security, agile scaling, the freedom to operate a multi-cloud and multi-platform environment, and a low barrier to entry making enterprise-grade performance and resilience open to all.

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