three6five launches Software Development team to provide bespoke networking solutions to customers

Local systems integrator three6five has announced the expansion of its existing Software Development team, created to meet customer demand for turnkey network management and automation products.

“three6five has always had a hand in software development, and has since inception created custom developed Network Service solutions for specific customers,” says Tyrone Carroll CEO at three6five. “We took a decision some months ago to prepare for expansion of these services and the development of new services and have thus bolstered the team accordingly.”

This Software Development service began as a project formed under the company’s Network Services division, as the team developed specific three6five product offerings and services with a key focus on Operational Support Services and network automation services for a limited number of clients. With the success of these services, three6five is now offering an expanded palette of options to its customer base, via it Professional Network Services division.

 “We are using Open Source scripting languages such as Ansible, to provide automation solutions across a range of services that are normally tedious and time-consuming” says Carroll. “Modern, dynamic environments need a new type of management and automation solution that can improve speed, scale and stability across the enterprise IT environment.”

Ansible is simple, agentless IT automation technology that can improve processes, migrate applications for better optimization, and provide a single language for DevOps practices across organisations.

The more IT stacks grow and evolve, the more complexities and manual processes they create. But with three6fives Software Development Automation solutions, repetitive tasks are automated using a simple, human-readable language that anyone in your IT organization can understand.