Accelerate digital transformation with enterprise-grade WiFi

Businesses need to rethink the way they connect an increasingly anywhere-anytime workforce.

In the face of COVID-19, a lockdown event that has forced many employees to work from home, businesses have had to accelerate certain aspects of their digital transformation strategy to enhance their resilience. Virtual private networks (VPNs) and remote workforce enhancements in collaboration have been key focus areas to enable working from home securely. However, unresolved questions include the annual cost of providing traditional LAN connectivity across the business premises for a workforce that is likely not to be entirely deskbound any longer, and the clumsy manual connections needed to use VPNs for secure connection from home.

Enterprise grade WiFi solutions are the answer.

An enterprise-grade Wi-Fi solution at offices would allow CIOs to reduce spend on switches and eliminate the need to deploy network points to desks. A well-designed WiFi network will use overlapping cells to ensure there is redundant coverage to eliminate single points of failure, an important part of building resilience into Wi-Fi deployments. New WiFi technologies like WiFi6 will allow more devices to communicate to the access point at a time, making cabled networks less attractive.

WiFi has come of age, and its simplicity, security and flexibility make it the perfect solution for today’s and tomorrow’s agile workplace. It’s also a must for any IoT initiatives on any of your sites.

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