Professional Services

Advanced skills and extensive industry experience allow us to make

recommendations for quick and informed decisions about the technical

and commercial obstacles related to your network infrastructure and services.

Network Audits

Network Audits

We methodically evaluate your network by measuring how well it

conforms to a set of established criteria. Any exposed network

vulnerabilities will be identified and recommendations provided.


Network Services

We offer a range of Network Services which complement and enhance

the performance, versatility, stability and services of an IP Network.

These Network Services are available as On-site or as Cloud-based solutions.


Network Operating Services (NOS)

We provide you with highly skilled and certified engineers to assist in operating

your IP network. We offer design, implementation and troubleshooting as needed.

NOS is available on-call or on-site.

About Us

Formed in 2009, three6five is a specialist IP networking Service Integrator and Value Added Reseller that provides world class services to enterprises and carriers across Africa.
We pride ourselves on a rigorous approach to IP services implementation that satisfies our customers’ business needs.
We field a range of best-in-breed products to complement our strong technical skills, creating practical solutions for empowering African communications.

three6five has the knowledge and skills to not only build an IP network, but also support your current network.  We will work with your technical team to provide guidance on equipment and selection, network architecture, strategic design choices or product development. Our recommendations are based on real-world experience and a rigorous, practical approach which leaves you with a reliable network that just works.

We are passionate about what we do and our work ethic reflects this attitude and respect we have for ourselves, our families and our customers.  With the networks we build, we aim to change the world and people’s lives for the better.  We strive towards helping people gain knowledge and an education, thus creating business opportunities, financial freedom and, ultimately, political freedom. We work towards empowering African communication.

We have a large customer footprint in Africa with offices in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

Our Customer Footprint

Our Recent Awards

Nick Treasure is the Juniper Top Commercial Systems Engineer in the Sub-Saharan Africa region for 2013/2014.

Nick Treasurethree6five

Kevin Falconer received the award from Juniper for the Most active and passionate Account Manager in the Sub-Saharan Africa region for 2013/2014.

Kevin Falconerthree6five

JP du Toit takes the Juniper Top Partner Vendor Manager in the Sub-Saharan Africa region for 2013/2014.

JP du Toitthree6five

Tarien Coetzee received an Individual MWEB Wi-Fi Excellence award for her work as Project Manager for 2013/2014.

Tarien Coetzeethree6five

three6five takes the Ruckus EMEA Big Dogs: Fastest growing Value Added Reseller (CY2013) award.

RuckusEMEA Big Dogs

Three6Five is the proud owner of the Ruckus EMEA Big Dogs: Biggest Value Added Reseller (CY2013) award.

RuckusEMEA Big Dogs

three6five takes the MWEB and Wi-Fi Excellence Team award for 2013/2014.

MWebWi-Fi Excellence Team